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Asakusa vegan sweets tour

¥ 6 000
solo traveler
¥ 8 000

Asakusa is the district where tradition and modernity melts, we will take advantage of this beautiful area to enjoy fabulous Japanese desserts.

These desserts are traditionally made with rice and red beans for the most part. We will begin with a take out pastry to enjoy the atmosphere of the neighborhood, we will stop by the temple to continue to our second sweet stop. We will take a break in a traditional café where you can enjoy one of the most popular desserts and most atypical of Japanese culture. Then, we will continue our way to the last sweet stop. The pastries change according to the seasons, our tour adapts and it is possible that the menu changes quickly.

Meeting point : Asakusa Tourist information center

End of the tour : Asakusa Station

Tour last :  3 hours

Included : 

  • 4 pastries

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