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Vegan adventure

¥ 11000
solo traveler
¥ 14000

Vegan Adventure. Food tour
Vegan Adventure. Food tour
Vegan Adventure. Food tour

The aim of this tour is to make you discover the vegan side of the japanese food.


During this tour you will be able to taste japanese traditional dishies. The first stop will make you discover one of the most famous and elegant japanese pastry. Most of the time vegan, this pastry is originally served during the tea ceremony with matcha. This shop is also offering an incredible view of the wagashi confection.

We will walk around Ginza and discover more vegan snacks ! To finish we will stop to taste a traditionnal and popular dish. This restaurant is one of the only restaurant in Tokyo to propose vegan ramen. The ramen are very popular amongs the japanese.

You will be accompanied by an english speaker guide, to guide you in you culinary adventures.

Meeting point : Mistukoshi Mae Station

End of the tour : Tokyo Station

Tour last :  4 hours

Included : 

  • 1 Pastry

  • 1 Matcha tea

  • 1 Snack
  • 1 Dinner

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